Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding - Student Kiteboarding Photos & Videos

Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding Taught Chase Hanson to Kiteboard
chase's kite skills
chase's board skills

"I love kiteboarding! It's my new FAVORITE sport"

Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding Taught Jason Forrest to Kiteboard

1st Month Riding after 2 Day Camp and 2 Mini-Camps - Riding upwind and toeside; performing slide and carving transitions; beginning chop hops and boosting (10+ feet).


Riding toeside with ease...


Add a little style to a carving transtion.


And finish it off with a chop hop.

I now feel 100% confident going out on my own, advancing at my own pace and enjoying the windy, warm days of summer.

Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding Taught Joe Hanson to Kiteboard

2nd season riding after completing the 2 Day Camp and 4 Mini-Camps - riding upwind (and toeside) effortlessly; performing slide, carving, and arial transitions; and boosting big - 20 feet.


Riding toeside upwind... No problem.


Kiteboarding in 25+ winds.


And of course, boosting BIG.

"I have to thank Captain Billy Stark and Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding for my solid kiteboarding foundation - everything I've learned has come quite easy since my initial lessons. In one season I've mastered all the basics: water starts, riding upwind, toeside, transitions, and jumping. Now I'm kiteboarding confidently in 30+ mph winds and boosting 20+ feet! "