Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding Lessons, Group Kiteboarding Camps, and Rates

If you want to find out what it’s like to fly a real bow kite or have ambitious beginner goals, like riding upwind and slide transitions – Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding has a kiteboarding lesson or camp for you.

If you have little or no experience you'll like our kite basics lesson, the one day kiteboarding camp, or the two day kiteboarding camp. If you're an intermediate or advanced level kiteboarder we recommend the advanced mini-camp or private hourly instruction.

Kiteboarding Kite Basics – 2 Hours - $225 ($75.00 each additional member)

Take a kite basics lesson and fly a real bow kite – the same kite used for kiteboarding. We’ll teach you the fundamentals necessary to launch, land, and pilot a bow kite around the edge of the wind window. The kite basics lesson covers:

  • Basic kiteboarding hand signals
  • Understanding the “wind window”
  • Outfitting for a harness
  • Handling a bow kite before launching
  • Assisting with the kite launch
  • Launching a kite
  • Flying the kite to neutral zone
  • Flying the kite in the wind window from 9 to 12 to 3 and back
  • Landing the kite

And if time permits, you can body drag with the instructor and experience the power of a bow kite in the wind windows “power zone.”

You do not need any prior kiting experience for the Kiteboarding Kite Basics Lesson and Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding provides all the equipment.

One Day Kiteboarding Lesson – Approximately 3 Hours Training - $375

Sign up for the one day kiteboarding lesson if you want to learn enough to get up and ride but your short on time or looking for an affordable introduction to kiteboarding.

Three Day Kiteboarding Camp – Approximately 10 Hours Training - $850

The three day kiteboarding camp covers the same skills as the one day camp – at a slightly slower pace. You spend more time flying the kite, working on board skills, and practicing power strokes/water starts, before you attempt to ride. If you progress at a good pace you will have plenty of riding time on the second or third day

You’ll learn the basic skills necessary to fly a bow kite, ride a twin tip kiteboard, and perform the power stroke/water start, so you can get out with more experienced kiteboarding friends and continue learning. This is an intensive 10 hour camp that covers:

1. Kiteboarding Fundamentals

  • Basic water safety when kiteboarding
  • Wind window fundamentals
  • Basic kiteboarding hand signals
  • Kite and board sizes
  • Powering and depowering the kite
  • Launching and landing the kite

2. Flying the Kite and Body Dragging

  • Fitting and using the harness system
  • Pre-launch kite handling
  • “Hooking in” to the chicken loop and attaching the safety leash
  • Kiteboarding pre-flight safety check
  • Launching the kite
  • Using the trim straps to adjust power
  • Fundamentals of sheeting the kite
  • Fundamentals of flying the kite in the wind window
  • Perform power strokes
  • Perform water re-launches
  • Body dragging towards each side of the wind window

3. Riding a Twin Tip Kiteboarding

  • Handling the board in the water
  • Proper stance when riding
  • How to set the board edge while riding
  • Using the board to control power
  • Controlled stopping

4. Putting It All Together and Riding

  • Handling the board in the water with the kite
  • Getting into the water start position and maintaining position
  • Performing a water start
  • Proper stance while riding
  • Edging the board
  • Increasing and maintaining sufficient kite power and board speed to ride
  • Reducing kite power and board speed
  • Controlled stops and parking the kite in the neutral zone
  • Short rides in both directions
  • Board recovery

Many of our beginning kiteboarders want to continue after the Kiteboarding Basics and choose to upgrade to the three day camp. Simply pay the difference between the two and continue for two additional days. You may use your second/third day any day within one year and you do not need to pay in advance.

Private Hourly Instruction - $125 Per Hour

Bring your own agenda and spend as many hours on the water as you want one-on-one with the kiteboarding instructor. If you have completed the three day kiteboarding camp we offer a reduced hourly rate of $100 per hour.