Learn to Kiteboard Quickly, Comfortably, and Safely with Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding

Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding can take you from daydreaming about kiteboarding to making your first rides; quickly, comfortably, and safely; and usually in about two days.

Check out our kiteboarding lessons and camps and call Captain Billy Stark to save your spot on the 2024 Kiteboarding Schedule. NO deposit or prepayment required.

You can Learn to Kiteboard QUICKER using an Efficient Training System

You can progress quickly in 3-5 hours of kiteboard lessons if the training method is efficient and well managed, allowing you to spend more time training, in the water with the kite, and less time going back and forth to shore to take breaks or hassle with equipment.

Plenty of room to carry all the gear you will need during your kiteboarding lesson

We teach from a 25' Carolina Skiff and all the kiteboarding equipment you will need is stowed on board and ready to use in minutes.  If the wind speed changes more than a few miles per hour (and it probably will) or we feel your experience level/body weight requires different equipment we swap it out on the spot, in minutes!  Kites, boards, and harnesses.   We waste none of your time taking trips back and forth to the shore/shop for the right equipment so you have more time on the water learning how to kiteboard.

Don’t waste your valuable lesson time manually pumping kites and rigging lines. All our kites are prerigged and we have on-board air compressors. We can put the right sized kite for you in the air in minutes.

Body dragging is an important skill but too much body dragging will wear you out and cut your lesson short. Whenever you’re faced with a long body drag we retrieve your board for you. This conserves your training time and more importantly your energy - so your able to complete your full lesson.

You can Learn to Kiteboard COMFORTABLY in our 25' Carolina Skiff Custom Outfitted for Kiteboard Lessons

All camps and lessons come with full boat support – a 25’ Carolina Skiff – customized for kiteboarding instruction and comfort. Some comforts are necessary and some just make for a better kiteboarding experience. When you’re out on the water for 3-5 hours at a time, both are important.

  • You can take a break anytime you wish, right where you are kiteboarding. Land your kite and hop in the boat, sit down (on padded seats with backrests), dry off, rest, and recharge. No 15-30 minute round trips back to shore to rest means more training time for you.
  • We provide dry boxes for your personal stuff, food and snacks, water, dry clothes, mobile phone, etc. – whatever you need to be comfortable out on the water for a few hours at a time.
  • There is room for your spouse or friend(s) to accompany you and share the experience, take pictures, or shoot a video. Speaking of pictures, you’ll appreciate the close up pictures you can take from the skiff much more than the pictures taken from shore over ¼ mile away.
  • There is plenty of room for your cooler weather gear in the Spring and Fall when the water and air temps are cooler. Windbreakers, wetsuits, jackets – everything required to keep warm when your in the water and just as important when you’re out of the water. You need a fleece and windbreaker when you’re wet and out of the water or the wind will draw your body heat out quickly and you will get too cold to continue your session.

You can Learn to Kiteboard SAFELY With a Licensed and Insured U.S. Coast Guard Captain

Open water sports and kiteboarding require certain safety precautions that begin with the experience level and maturity of your kiteboarding instructor, a safe location to learn, to the equipment you learn on:

U.S. Coast Guard Captain Billy Stark

Your kiteboarding instructor, Captain Billy Stark, is a U.S. Coast Guard Captain with over 30 years experience in open water sports/activities and action sports – boating, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, and ski instruction. Captain Billy Stark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the sport of kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras with his safety mindedness, enthusiasm for teaching, and commitment to your kiteboarding success.

Learn to kiteboard in waist deep water away from obstacles and distractions

You'll learn AWAY from the shore in the shallow waters of the Pamlico Sound; away from the shoreline; away from downwind obstacles; and away from other water activities, where you can focus on flying the kite and riding the kiteboard away from unnecessary obstacles and distractions. There's nothing worse that ending a ride prematurely because your getting too close to the shore or other kiters.

Learn to kiteboard with Airush kites

You'll learn to kiteboarding using Airush kites - easy to use, have excellent safety systems and depower, and one of the easiest kites on the market to re-launch from the water, making them well suited for beginning kiteboarders.